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Pacific NW School of Pizza

PROFESSIONAL SERIES                                $2,000 per class

Success with Sourdough

A 3 day "full immersion" class covering the ins and outs of commercial baking with sourdough for each pizza style that we offer in our restaurant.  The class includes some of our 127 year old Sourdough Starter, techniques, recipes, trouble shooting, support, school uniform and a Certificate of Completion.

HOME BAKER SERIES                                $120 per class

Pizza at Home, Starters & Breads, Sourdough Brunch

Our Home Baker series are two hour long classes and include some of our famous 127 year old sourdough starter, recipes, aprons & ingredients for in class as well as to take home.

PIZZA ENTHUSIAST EVENTS                    $ Varies

Birthdays, Sports Parties,Team Building, Holiday Parties, Office Parties

Our Pizza Enthusiast Events are designed for those who want to celebrate life with pizza.  We can accomodate 80 people, except for Team Building where 20-40 people is more appropriate.

INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION           $3,000 per class

There are only 3 places in the United States where this training is available.  The 5 day course teaches both the theory and practice of pizza making.   Students learn about ingredients, baker's percentages, temperature calculations, ovens, cooking methods, mixers, and basic kitchen equipment.  Students prepare, mix, shape, knead and stretch doughs.  The course is finished with an exam on both practice and theory.  If successful, the student receives A Certificate of Participation.

Scuola Italiana Pizzaioli

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